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     Sacred Beauty

Sacred Beauty

"Bringing you out of darkness into His marvelous light"




As I've walked through life I have often sought healing in places I was never meant to walk. Wandering into dark regions of earth's realm, ensnared by deathly and deceptive creatures whispering lies and hurling hate; hopeful I would stay their captive. Oftentimes frozen in fear, I would weep wishing someone would find me. Desperate to be loved and not trusting the voice I could faintly and lovingly hear calling my name. I lived most of my life in fear and despair.

Little did I know that, every step I took was bringing me closer to the reality that had always been right in front me. I was loved beyond comparison. I was loved by the one that designed every breath I would ever breathe, every heartbeat my heart would ever beat, and every step I would ever take. It didn't matter what moment I was in, how treacherous my actions were, how much I hated myself or the many moments I ignored the voice of love calling out to me, He simply never left my side.

Every moment of my life brought me into an understanding that I was an intricate part of something so much bigger than I could imagine and so much more than I had ever allowed myself to believe. My life is an example of how close God, The Father is to all of His creation and how loving and gracious He is.

As you step into the posts of this blog I gently and lovingly invite you to enter with an open heart and a still mind, so that you too may have the deeply wounded and most fractured parts of you healed and made whole by the hands of The One Who Is Love.

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