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The Secret Place

In The Secret Place

The secret place is where I want to be

The secret place is where I can hear and see

The secret place is meant for you and me

Shame and guilt try to surround

My King strikes the ground

Truth all around

Living waters flow from His hand

He gives me drink to quench the thirst, the more I drink I feel a surge

Living waters flow through my veins

Crushing the darkness and pain that has tried to make me low and lame

He breathes upon the coals within, igniting my hearts flame

In the secret place is the only place to be, seeing all there is to see

Singing and dancing with my lover The Living King

Riding out the mysteries

Soaring on the breath of His dawn

He comforts me with His beauty and brawn

In His presence my lungs breathe deeply

His magnificent love and purity

His presence is palpable and mystical

He shatters everything statistical

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe...

His breath and mine

He’s my breath and I am His

I can see it with my eyes

As I inhale and exhale He’s doing the same

Unison breath

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe…

Taken higher I can see the stars

Deepest depths surround

My Living King strikes the ground

He plunders death, shame and fear

With Him by my side they don’t dare come near

In the secret place I am at rest

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe…

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