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For A Moment...

Do you ever feel like you’re not allowed to fly?

Do you ever feel dead, all dried up inside?

Do you ever feel like you gotta live according to the lies?

Do you ever feel trapped inside your mind?

Feeling the pressure from every side

Hearing the voice of fear spittin his lies

For a split second I decide to turn and hide

For a moment, I decide to believe the lies

For a moment, I fall for the trick

For a moment, I forget I hold the Sword of the Spirit not a simple stick

I kneel, head bowed, tears flow freely

I repeat words I’ve heard all my life

I allow His peace to settle on me

Each new word spoken in bold faith

Each word represents grabbing hold of Jesus and never letting go

Each word brings to life the truth embedded into my DNA

As each word is spoken, I remember I am unbroken




No longer blind…

I feel His breath upon me

I feel His power ebbing through my veins

I feel His shadow engulf me

I feel His love over take me

I feel the truth of my freedom echoing in the depths

I hear the song of heaven filling my head

I feel the words of heaven forming in my mouth

Truth flows from my lips

The ground begins to quake

My heart knows what’s at stake

A resolute champion, I raise my head

My battle cry grows inside

My enemy cowers, ineffective are his lies

He turns to run as my sword cuts short his stride

Clothed with victory I hear heaven celebrating

Humbled, I see The King approaching

To my knees I fall, crowns cast down

An atmosphere of love so profound

I’m in awe of the sound

It is....





It flows all around

It overtakes my ground

Forever In His Love I am bound

Starting from a very young age, tragedy, heartache and turmoil found me and ran me over the hot coals in ways that left parts of me hidden and captive for years to come. My experiences as a child and into adulthood left me with many breaches and fractures within my soul. My blinded heart wandered to and fro, wondering if I would ever be loved. I wondered if I was allowed to be loved. I wondered if I was good enough to be loved. Was I allowed to dream? Was I allowed to hope? Was I allowed to live? Would I always live my life surviving and living in fear of what each day would bring? Would I ever get to the place I saw myself getting to?

So many days and years spent paralyzed by that fear that tried to consume me, too fearful even to leave my home at times. For years I was treated as though my existence was a waste and held no value. I was told my dreams were too big to come true. I was told I was used goods and no one worth anything could ever love me. Worthlessness and dread consumed my thoughts. At night darkness stalked me and tormented me relentlessly. Many nights as I lay in bed weeping I was overcome with a hopelessness that resulted in the shackles of lies being tightened more and more around my mind.

For those of us that have experienced sexual abuse as children especially in the forms of incest, pedophilia and sex trafficking it leaves our souls and the most beautiful parts of us fractured into so many pieces, we end up burrowing into a pit of nothingness, to scared to even breath unless we are given permission. We don’t know how to give or receive healthy love. We don't know how to say no. We don't know how to dream. We end up living our lives for others and seeking out masters of manipulation and control and abuse because that is all we know.

We don't realize we are worthy of love and worthy of being protected and safeguarded. We don't know what real love looks like or tastes like and we end up living a life of perpetual cycles of hell. We are fractured, and living in an inner despair that consumes our every thought., paralyzing us, and keeping us ensnared to lies that control our every breath.

Sadly, I lived 4 decades paralyzed in fear and consumed with lies. What would take me years to understand is., I was already loved. There was one that held every dream I would ever dream and every ounce of hope I would ever dare to hold onto despite the constant despair. There was one that held every good thought I dared to think of myself. He is The Way Maker. The Miracle Worker. The Gift Giver. The Breach Healer. The Balm Of Gilead. The One Who Is Love. The Eternal Lover. The Soul Mender. The Glory King. The Kinsman Redeemer. The Life Giver and The Dread Champion of your sacred beauty, King Jesus!

Beautiful one, He's already triumphed over every lie that could ever be hurled at you, and every lie you've chosen to believe. He already brought them into submission by making the ultimate sacrifice of love, the sacrifice of His life for you. He has set out a table of divine delicacies created by His love, light and glory. Nothing can destroy what He has created for you and laid out just for you. He holds your freedom in His hands. His love for you never fails and is the driving force of life that He gave you. He willingly died for you because He loves you. Nothing can ever separate you from that love. Even if you run and try to hide, His love finds you. His love is intertwined with every cell of your being. You are Him and He is you. He simply cannot forsake Himself. He loves you with a love that is undying, unquenchable, untamable, purposeful, intent, lovely, pure, righteous, and good. It is time for you to grab hold of that truth!!

During a few moments in the secret place, the Holy Spirit led me to the passage of Psalm 139 and Song of Songs 2;1-2. When I read these passages I wept. They were not tears of pain or agony but tears of refreshing and healing. For the first time, I finally began to understand, accept and embrace that I was truly loved and worthy of the birthright that had been designated to me long before I was even born.. For the first time, I could breathe without fear. It is our birthright to be whole and loved and healed. We are His sacred beauty and there is no hell or high water that can ever undo or diminish what He has decreed and set in place for us as His beloved children.

There are so many good things He has in store for us as His children. He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. “The darkness was relentless to strip us of our dignity, hope, and beauty but, to no avail. Song of Songs 2;1-2 reads, I am truly His rose, the very theme of His song. I am overshadowed by His love, growing in the valley. “Yes, you are my darling companion. You stand out from all the rest. For though the curse of sin surrounds you, still you remain as pure as a lily, even more than all the rest”. His love surrounded us and protected the most beautiful parts of us and He continues to surround us as we enter into His love and rest; grabbing hold of our eternal birthright.

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