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It's Already Mine

Since the conception of my being my life has never been my own.

Cursed and unwanted in the womb.

Used as a pawn in wars that were never mine.

Desecrated and diminished.

Passed around and passed over.

Left behind and forgotten.

Those most dearest to me stolen by a thief in the night.

So much darkness and pain.

Trying to reach out only gained more lashes upon the wounds left by those that said they loved me.

I learned reaching out was not safe.

Forced to dance to another’s melody.

Forced to love in perverted fashions.

Forced to smile and pretend. 

Taught to hide behind masks.

Shamed and forsaken.

Heavy laden with another’s dark secrets.

The bone weary exhaustion I feel is like a slow death.

I try reaching out but my words fall on deaf ears.

So alone I stand…



Hoping someone will see me and love me for me.

Not to love me for my beauty. 

Not to love me for what I could do or what I could bring to the table.

Not to love me for sexual pleasure but, to just love me.

So I stand alone…



Desiring to find a love that will extend to the ends of the earth.

Love that is…  

Unconditional & burden bearing,

Gentle, safe and kind,

Love that doesn’t leave scars,

Love that doesn’t spit in my face,

Love that seeks to cover and protect,

Love that doesn’t betray and reject,

Love that doesn’t silence and request I wear masks

Sweet and unadulterated pure love.

A fairytale some would argue but, still I wait, and as I do I notice something brilliant and glorious... the reality of my existence is that I am already a part of the greatest love story ever known to mankind and the fairytale has always been mine.

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