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On The Breath of His Dawn

Before you created my existence on the breath of your dawn we soared

In the most secret places you dreamt of me

In the deepest places of intimacy you created my forever, our eternity

On the breath of your dawn We soar (breathe)

I am yours and you are mine

Our hearts entwined

Our minds aligned

Our spirits as one for all time

On the breath of your dawn We soar (breathe)

You sound off my beginning rhythm

My heart and spirit are being driven

To love and hope and to give away

The countless blessings given to me every day

On the breath of your dawn We soar (breathe)

My heart skips a beat when I feel you come near

You take me deeper than I could ever dream

My First Love your presence is so divine

You bring your cup to my lips filled with your new wine

On the breath of your day We soar (breathe)

Cheek to cheek, hand in hand

Together we gaze upon the land

The new land you’ve bequeathed to me

As I gaze, I weep joyfully

On the breath of your dawn We soar (breathe)

Remembering all the times I doubted and cursed

All the times fear took over and I reversed

All the times I ran away, forgetting your love is everlasting

and here to stay

On the breath of your dawn We soar (breathe)

My mind renewed

My heart imbued

At peace, I walk with ease

Your rivers of love flow freely

My eyes see so clearly

My hands render passionately

On the breath of your dawn We soar (breathe)

"To live and exist within The Creator's presence has always been the destiny of His creation. When we are born, there is so much that pulls us away from Him as it tries to conform us to dead and earthly things. As I sat with Him this day, He so sweetly reminded my heart where I originally came from and how I was allowed to live according to higher thoughts and ways that exist solely in Him. Without Him, I am as chaff in the wind, here one day and gone the next. No purpose other than my own. Existence without Him is nothing and truly a life lived in vain. To breathe Him in, to taste His presence, to feel His embrace, to come to an understanding that there is a purpose to my existence has left me changed. Learning that my being was knit together by the hands of love; taken into the most secret places within Himself and fashioned in His likeness, leaves me in awe and wonder at the vastness of who and what He is. He is everything".

"He created humanity with the desire of relationship and friendship. We are Him and He is us. As you go through your day, remember to breathe, remember that every breath that exits your lungs was intricately designed and numbered according to a perfect plan in mind. He knows you by your name and sees exactly where you are. Know, that He is your inhale and your exhale and you are His. He knows you and longs for you to know Him. Created to soar on the breath of His dawn, He is your First Love and you are His. His name is Jesus".

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